Individual Income Taxes

We provide services from the very basic 1040EZ to the 1040 including all schedules. Gift Tax, Trust and Estate Taxes. We do all States. Free E-Filing when we do your taxes.

Corporate / Business Taxes

Sole Proprietorship

This is the simplest and most common business. A sole proprietorship consists of only "one" individual: ownership by more than one person creates a partnership.


A partnership involves two or more persons carrying on a business for profit. This business is not a separately taxed entity, but rather, a conduit where the profits or losses of the partnership flow through to the partners. There are two basic types of partnerships (e.g. general partnership and limited partnership).

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An LLP is a form of ownership in which "all" partners receive limited liability protection. The LLP is similar to a general partnership in that all partners can take an active role in managing the day-to-day affairs. However, it has the added benefit of providing the limited liability feature, which is not available to the general partnership. The LLP form of ownership is limited in the State of California to professionals working in the fields of law (attorneys), accountancy, and architects.


A C Corporation is a separate legal entity owned by shareholders. C Corporations are taxed annually on their earnings and the shareholders are taxed on these earnings when distributed as dividends.


S Corporation is a hybrid business entity. It is a separate legal entity and generally offers protection to its owners (shareholders).


An LLC is a newer form of business entity. It has advantages over both the Corporation and the Partnership forms of operating a business. The LLC's main advantage over a general partnership is that, like the owners (shareholders) of a corporation, the owners (members) of an LLC are generally not responsible financially for the debts and obligations incurred in the course of the LLC's business. In addition, an LLC has the flexibility to be taxed as a partnership, sole proprietorship, or corporation.


A Series LLC is a new form of LLC that may be formed under the laws of some states. A Series LLC is a master LLC with separate units (series) operating independently of the master LLC. California law does not allow for a Series LLC to be formed in California. However, a Series LLC that is formed under the laws of another state may register with the California Secretary of State and transact business in California.


This form of ownership is defined as a corporation whose principal business activity is the performance of personal services. Individuals that perform services in the fields such as health, law, engineering, architecture, performing arts, and accounting typically use this classification.

Bookkeeping / Payroll

We provide bookkeeping and payroll for small companies. We use Quickbooks in our company to provide these services.

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